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          There is an old saying that if you don't ride when the whether is bad, you don't ride. Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be intimidating at first but even the nicest weather can turn without little warning. Experienced motorcycle riders just accept the rain as an inevitability and prepare accordingly with a quality motorcycle rain suit.
          Obviously, riding a motorcycle in the rain comes with certain dangers because of the decrease in traction. Without the proper gear, however, there is added risk from riding exposed to the harsh elements. A dry motorcycle rider will be more comfortable and more alert than a cold, wet one. There are two main options in the motorcycle rain suit market: one-piece and two-piece. Either option works, it usually just boils down to personal preference. Some features to look for in a good motorcycle rain suit are:

  • Elastic in the waist, pant legs and sleeves
  • High collar
  • Sturdy Zipper closure with wide flaps covering the zipper

          Many motorists have a hard time seeing motorcycles in traffic even in good weather. In the rain, it is even harder to see the small vehicles so a good motorcycle rain suit should be brightly colored with reflective strips. A pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves and waterproof motorcycle boot covers will help provide complete coverage for riding a motorcycle in the rain.

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