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     Motorcycles are dangerous! Operating a motorcycle without proper training can result in severe injury or death. Even riding a motorcycle properly can result in severe injury or death. I am far from an expert on motorcycles or their operation. When I first started riding there were many questions that I had a hard time finding straight answers to. Eventually, I found these answers through research, safety classes and the school of hard knocks. Hopefully, you can benefit from some lessons I had to learn the hard way. I will always try to provide accurate information but I don’t have all the answers and riding will always involve inherent dangers. Because of that I cannot accept any responsibility for damage to motorcycle or rider that may result from activities described on this website. The very best way to learn about motorcycles and motorcycle operation and safety is NOT on the Internet but through the controlled environment of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (or equivalent classes) under the supervision of certified professionals. Have fun, be safe & keep the shiny side up!



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