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     Many motorcycle riders opt not to wear motorcycle-riding pants. Often, riders will ride with a good pair of jeans. While this is certainly better than getting on a motorcycle in shorts, denim just isn’t designed to withstand a crash. The average pair of jeans can endure the European standard abrasion test for 0.6 seconds, while approved protective pants will last at least 5 seconds. Motorcycle racers depend on leather riding suits to protect them but wearing leather pants isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Leather chaps are available that slip over regular pants to add abrasion resistance. Textile motorcycle riding pants another option and a good pair will offer abrasion resistance, wind protection and water resistance. These motorcycle pants usually offer armor and padding in the knees, hips, tail bone and shins. Motorcycle riding pants fit snugly and the cuffs are not be too loose and tend to be a little shorter to ensure that the material will not get caught in the motorcycle’s moving parts. Riders I’ve talked to have found them to be too hot on summer days and impractical for use on a regular basis. At the same time, when motorcycle riders are involved in accidents, leg injuries are very common. Abrasions from sliding on pavement and burns from being pinned under a hot exhaust can be pretty severe without proper protection. Because these injuries are less likely to be life threatening, they receive less publicity but a safe rider take proper precautions.
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