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     By researching motorcycle financing options in advance can lead to significant savings in the long run. There are a number of factors that must be considered when determining what kinds of loans are available to you. Obviously, the type of motorcycle you are buying will affect the amount of money you'll need. Usually, the more you can pay up front, the better off you'll be. Past credit history will have a big effect on who is willing to finance your purchase as well as what kind of interest rate you will receive. You may even be able to finance the purchase of less expensive motorcycles using a credit card, however, credit cards usually have very high interest rates. When looking for motorcycles, it is important to shop within your means. Even if you think you can afford the bike itself, it is important to consider the cost of insurance, gear & maintenance. If you purchase a motorcycle outside your price range chances are you will regret it. The financial burden will take its toll and enjoying a bike you can afford is better than watching your dream bike being hauled away because you couldn't keep up with the payments.

     Many motorcycle manufactures offer their own financing options if you are looking to purchase a new bike. Often these programs will offer the best terms on the loan but can be harder to qualify for and more restrictions may apply. You can get more details at each manufacturer's website:

     Personal loans give you the flexibility to buy any make of motorcycle you want, new or used. If you have a decent credit history, Capital One Auto Finance can provide loans specifically for financing the purchase of a motorcycle. If you credit history puts you in the "high risk loan" category, you still may be able to finance your bike with one of the companies below. Chances are good that these loans will come with pretty steep interest rates:

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