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ChatterBox GMRS X1 Communicator Kit
ChatterBox GMRS X1 Communicator Kit

     When riding two-up, there are times when the ability to talk to your passenger would definitely come in handy. Letting your passenger know when you're turning, stopping or starting can certainly make the ride safer. Getting feedback from the passenger can also help you make the ride as enjoyable as possible for them. Unfortunately, motorcycle helmets can block out a lot of sound even when standing still. When moving noise from the engine, wind and road can be deafening and will make a meaningful conversation next to impossible. For those who like to ride a motorcycle with a passenger, there are a number of in helmet communication solutions ranging from simple motorcycle helmet intercoms to true two-way radios.

     The basic motorcycle helmet intercom is a great way for rider and passenger to communicate when riding. Generally, rider and passenger both connect a head set to a single control unit. Usually, the microphones are voice activated and quality helmet intercoms allow for full duplex communication. Without duplex technology, only one user can speak at a time. If you like ending every sentence with a military-style "over," you might not need a duplex system. For my money, the ability to talk simultaneously when using the motorcycle helmet intercom is worth a little extra. Duplex technology is becoming standard on more motorcycle communication systems but it's a good idea to double check before you buy anything. Other features of interest include:

  • no drill installation
  • built-in radio tuner
  • personal audio input
  • cellular phone compatibility

     A motorcycle helmet two-way radio system is going to cost a little more but it gives additional flexibility. With the two-way radios, each rider has their own control unit that the helmet headset plugs into. The control units transmit and receive signals wirelessly. Since the riders do not have to be tethered to a single control unit, two-way radio based helmet communication systems are useful for motorcycle to motorcycle communication as well as operator to passenger communication.

     Regardless of which system best fits your needs, it is important that the headset fits well. Motorcycle helmets are not designed with room to spare so anytime you introduce extra gear it can get uncomfortable. Just a little extra pressure in the wrong place on your head will make a leisurely ride miserable. Taking a little extra time to select a low profile headset that fits well in your helmet will definitely be worth the effort.



HELMET TO HELMET MOTORCYCLE INTERCOM SYSTEM Driver and rider can talk to each other and listen to radio or CD player at the same time! Headphones with adjustable speakers mount inside of any helmet Easy to install—no drilling or tools needed! It's not only a full duplex communication system—you can also plug your personal audio equipment into the control box and listen to music. When you speak, the voice activated microphones override the music. Kit contains 2 headphones and control box. 4 AAA batteries required (not included).



HELMET-ADAPTABLE FULL DUPLEX INTERCOMS Voice-activated microphones allow full duplex (simultaneous) communication between driver and passenger—just like using a telephone Easy-to-operate touch controls Lightweight power pack attaches to belt or clips to pocket Set includes one power pack, 3 "AAA" batteries and instructions. Note: Great for communication between Rider and Passenger but not intended for Bike to Bike communication.

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