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     Motorcycle gloves are one of the most underrated pieces of motorcycle riding gear. In my experience, a good pair of gloves provides a number of benefits to the rider.
  1. Crash protection – Motorcycle riding gloves are usually made of a quality leather or abrasion resistant textile. Seams are reinforced to keep the glove together in case you find yourself clawing your way along the asphalt at highway speeds. Many have hard knuckle reinforcements made from carbon fiber, Kevlar or other crazy strong materials. I have a pair of Icon’s TiMax gloves that are plated in titanium. The not only protect my hands but they look wicked and may come in handy if I had to go toe to toe with a bear or something… Many gloves have a gauntlet design to provide better wrist protection as well. Hands can be particularly injury prone in motorcycle accidents since many people will try to use them to catch themselves if they fall (not always the best idea) and because the bones are relatively small. Even with a good set of gloves, it is possible for hands to be injured in a motorcycle accident but wearing them can certainly help minimize the damage.
  2. Protection from debris – Look at the hood of any car that has some highway miles on it and you’ll notice lots of chips and dings where stones hit the hood. Motorcycles face the same barrage of debris that cars face. Being hit with a stone capable of denting a car’s hood WILL NOT feel good if it hit your knuckles. At 60 mph, even being hit with a big bug can sting. Gloves will help protect the hands from most road debris, which will help a rider concentrate better on controlling the motorcycle.
  3. Warmth – Wind chill applies both when the wind is blowing and when the air is still but you are moving fast. The temperature may feel great when your standing still but once you’re moving at highway speeds it can feel much colder. If a motorcycle rider’s hands get cold enough it can decrease fine motor skills and slow movements. This means less effective control over the motorcycle, which is a bad thing. A good pair of gloves will make the motorcycle ride more comfortable and safer.
  4. Smooth brake and clutch control – Sometimes, especially when it is warmer, a rider’s hands can get sweaty or clammy. In this case, the metal brake and clutch levers may not slide as smoothly along the fingers. Instead, it can stick and result in a jerkier starts and stops. Usually, a rider can adjust to this fairly easily and this isn’t the main reason gloves are worn. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to have the added smooth and consistent release that a good pair of gloves can establish.
A good pair of motorcycle riding gloves is a good investment in comfort and control. One caveat is for the gloves to be effective they must fit well.
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