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     With the holiday season fast approaching the challenge of finding a great Christmas gift has come again. Shopping for a motorcycle enthusiast can be a challenge. The huge selection of motorcycle gifts, motorcycle gear, motorcycle parts & accessories can make selecting the perfect present a challenge. On top of that, a rider's bike can be such a personal item that they will want to have some input when selecting important motorcycle equipment so they can tune the performance and customize the style exactly how they want it. There is hope though! There are many fun and exciting motorcycle gifts that any rider will love.

Scorpion RaceCase Street
Scorpion RaceCase
     Buying a helmet for motorcycle rider is very difficult. Selecting the right fit, style and features is critical and generally best left to the individual rider. On top of that, a good helmet can really be a budget breaker! Helmet bags are great for protecting a rider's most important piece of saftey equipment from scratches as well as nosey people (especially children who love can't seem to resist putting trying helmets on). Prices range from as low as $7.99 for a basic helmet bag to around $50 for a higher end one. For my money, the Scorpion RaceCase icon is the best of breed in this gift category for full face helmet. It generally sells for around $39.95.

shoei helmet mouse
Motorcycle Mouse
     Help remind the motorcycle rider in your life about his passion for riding even when he's on the computer with this innovative gift by Shoei. This fully operational optical mouse is a scale model of the Shoei X-eleven helmet and features left/right click and scroll wheel functionality. Great for motorcycle related shops and businesses, homes or offices. Also, its small size and detachable USB cable make it compact enough for easy storage with a laptop when on the go. This little mouse gets noticed wherever it is used. It is available in five colors and is compatible with both PC and Mac. Retails for around $34.99. Shop for the Motorcycle Helmet Computer Mouse today!

VIP 100% Waterproof Motorcycle cover
Advanced Motorcycle Cover
Motorcycle riders work hard to keep their bikes in top condition. A great way to help them care for their motorcycle is to get a good quality motorcycle cover. Using a motorcycle cover will protect the vehicle from dust and debris in a garage or when in storage. Using a motorcycle cover when parked keeps hidden from prying eyes. A waterproof cover will help keep it dry if the weather turns ugly. An important feature to look for is a cover is a heat resistant bottom to protect against the heat of the exhaust and engine. Elastic hems and ties help keep the cover in place during even heavy winds. Empire Covers offers a good product with basic covers selling for $24.99 and their top of the line Waterproof Motorcycle cover selling for $59.99.

Battery Tender Plus
Battery Charger
A good trickle charger will help keep a motorcycle battery in top condition and ensure that the bike starts every time. A good charger is a must have for storing a motorcycle for the winter. Smart chargers monitor battery levels to prevent overcharging. You really want a battery charger that is designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle batteries instead of generic automotive chargers. The leading motorcycle battery chargers are the Battery Tender Plus ($60.99) and Battery Tender Junior ($30.99).

A motorcycle magazine subscription is a great gift that keeps giving. The motorcycle rider in your life can keep up to date on the latest industry innovations, product reviews, how to articles & more! You can almost always find a magazine geared toward his favorite style of motorcycle. The price of magazine subscriptions varies but many are a great value at under $20 a year. Some popular motorcycle magazine titles include: Cycle World Magazine, Super Streetbike Magazine, Street Chopper Magazine, and Motorcyclist Magazine. For a limited time save $5 off subscriptions to select motorcycle magazines by using coupon code: holidaymags at

VAS Entertainment Judgment Day 5 DVD
Motorcycle Stunt Riding
     Motorcycle DVDs can be a fun an exciting gift for motorcycle riders. There are tons of styles to choose from so make sure you find one that suits his or her style. There are motorcycle track racing DVDs , motocross dvds and the super popular stunt riding DVDs . One thing to keep in mind, however, is that most stunt DVDs are pretty similar so if the person you're shopping for already has one he or she might not need another one. Motorcycle DVDs are an inexpensive gift option and make great stocking stuffers!

686 - Pinsquare Snow Toolbelt (Black) - Accessories
686 Toolbelt
     The 686 Toolbelt is not necessarily a motorcycle gift at all. This innovative belt was designed as a belt for snowboarders to use for tightening bindings while on the slopes. Regardless of its intended use, the 686 tool belt is a way of keeping important tools nearby at all times and that makes it the perfect accessory for motorcycle riders. The belt's double pronged buckle features two screwdrivers - a #2 phillips and a #2 flat head as well as a built-in bottle opener. The detachable loop features 8mm, 10mm and 11mm wrenches. The fact that the leather of the belt is waterproof is just an added bonus. The 686 Toolbelt is available in a number of styles including Pinsquare ($51.30) or Rocker Studded ($46.80) belts.

S100 Cycle Care Gift Kit
S100 Cycle Care
Gift Kit
     Most of the riders I know are meticulous when it comes to keeping their motorcycles clean and polished. There is a sense of pride that comes with knowing your bike is looking it's very best. This Cycle Care Gift set gives them everything they need to do just that. Comes complete with cleanser, finish restoring polish, corrosion protectant, detail wax and drying towel. This kit is great for maintaining that like new look or even restoring old bikes! Available through JC Whitney for $48.99.

Motorcycle T-Shirts
      Whether pushing the bike through some twisties or watching football with his buddies, the motorcycle rider in your life will be able to show their love for motorcycles all day long with motorcycle t-shirts, sweatshirts and other motorcycle apparel. Choose from a huge selection to find the perfect shirt to suit their personality from classic motorcycle designs to humorous novelty motorcycle shirts. Motorcycle T-shirt will not bust your budget either with a great selection in the $20 range.

      There is nothing quite like getting on a motorcycle and just riding where the roads take you - until it comes time to find your way back home. The serious riders who loves to tour or visit motorcycle rallys will learn to love their motorcycle mounted GPS unit. The rugged, weather resistant GPS unit mounts right on the handlebars for easy access and viewing. The advanced touch screen is designed to work even with gloves but it can also be set up to accept voice commands via a helmet headset. There is a price to always knowing where you're going when you set out on two wheels. The TOMTOM 125 GPS SYSTEM retails for about $179.99.

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