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     It is important to wear proper footwear when riding a motorcycle. At the very minimum, a good quality boot that extends above the ankle should be worn when riding a motorbike. Over the ankle boots help protect the rider from stones and debris that get thrown up from the pavement and can help reduce injury by stabilizing the ankle in the event of an accident. It is important that they have soles with good traction to keep a rider’s feet on the motorcycle’s foot pegs and for gripping the pavement at stops. True motorcycle boots will often have a system of buckles or other closures instead of shoes laces, which can get caught up in the bike’s drive chain. If your boots do have laces, it is usually wise to tuck them into the boot to keep them secure. Many motorcycle boots feature a reinforced shift pad on the toe to prevent premature wear from rubbing on the bike’s gearshift lever.

     Motocross boots are usually distinguished from standard motorcycle footwear by their high-rise and rigid structure. They are usually made from a solid plastic and extend up the shin to provide stability for the ankle and protect from obstacle not encountered on street riding. When riding off-road, the feet and lower legs need more protection from branches, rocks and other debris. Also, the softer terrain can cause severe ankle injuries if a bike is laid down and the rider is not wearing a rigid boot. Street riding doesn’t usually merit such rugged footwear but if you are planning on taking your motorcycle off-road, whether on fire trails, sand dunes or motocross tracks, this style of boot is certainly something to consider. Sometimes you can find a couple pairs of riding boots at department stores like Sears but you can find the best selection at a specialized store like

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