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     For years airbags have been standard safety equipment on cars and trucks but few manufacturers have looked into adding airbags to motorcycles. Now motorcycle riders can also benefit from the protection of airbag systems on the newest Honda Goldwing models. Early tests have shown that airbags can be even more effective in protecting motorcycle riders than car passengers. Motorcycle airbags focus on absorbing impact to the rider's head, neck and chest. In 45 mph motorcycle crash tests, it appears the rider would virtually unscathed. While the crash test dummies with the airbags still sustained injuries to the legs - it is certainly preferable to the broken necks dummies sustained in similar crashes without airbags.


     Another innovative motorcycle airbag protection device has been developed by Impact Jackets. The basic concept is that your motorcycle jacket has built in CO2 powered air bags. When riding, you connect a cable on the jacket to the motorcycle itself. If the motorcycle rider is thrown from the bike, the cable triggers the inflation of the jacket - protecting the torso and neck of the rider.

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