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All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Spark Plugs

by: Maricon Williams

Motorcycle spark plugs have already caused several misfires. It can also tend to break into two when you try to remove them. These are instances when you are wasting money over low quality and non-durable spark plugs.

There has been a lot of puffing going out in the motorcycle market. Some are talking about horse power advantages. Nonetheless, be cautious of what you believe in, chances are they are just flowery words thus, misleading. In order to avoid this, we have to bear in mind some pointers about this motorcycle parts.

First, always go with the motorcycle parts manufacturer's recommendations. That way, you can never go wrong.

Second, if you have qualms over the parts, call the manufacturer to save you from further trouble. Do not experiment with parts, especially if you have little knowledge about them. They can go wrong in just a flick of the finger and can catch you off guard without any assistance and remedy.

For instance let us consider common motorcycle plug number: DPR9EA-9. This is a 12 mm thread 18 mm plug socket, P stands for projected electrode, R for resistor, heat range 9, E for 19mm thread reach, A for specials and 9 for .9mm plug gap. The next suffix letter is for thread reach. It can make you come unstock. If you put a plug with a too long thread reach then it puts a motivating impression in the top of the piston, if it is otherwise, it will not reach inside the combustion chamber. The next letter is again for construction features. There may appear another number after it. It refers to the plug gap which it is set at.

NGK plugs are good. The first letter prefix stands for the thread type and socket hexagon size. Their size ranges from 14mm thread to 8mm on the little 4 cylinder 250 imports. The second and third letter prefix refers to the construction feature.

With this kind of spark plugs it should be known that the higher the number the colder the plug. What's the significance? Well, racing bike engines use cold plugs because they generate enormous heat. On the other hand, if fowling is one of your problems, use a hotter plug. Remember though that other motorcycle spark plugs have inverted heat range. Just consult the manual or your manufacturer to be sure that you are getting the right plugs.

If you are confused, you can always go back to the first rule - Follow your bike manufacturer's recommendations. That rule saves!



PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG Guaranteed to outperform any spark plug you've ever used! Lifetime warranty Patented "V" shaped split electrode unleashes a virtual firestorm into the chamber to help ensure more complete combustion. Performance only Splitfire® can deliver!



HIGH-VOLTAGE SPARK PLUG SETS Engineered for motors using excessive oil Self-cleaning plugs will not foul Fires when other plugs fail The best plugs for high-mileage engines! Boosts starting voltage to deliver a stronger, hotter spark—you will enjoy trouble-free starts even on cold mornings. Hotter spark also prevents soil build-up and fouling to give you better performance, acceleration and fuel economy. Thermoreactor disc delivers 40% more spark power to tip of plug when cold. Aluminum oxide insulator. Super-hard electrode won't it or burn.



IRIDIUM SPARK PLUG Iridium (extracted from meteorites) is far superior to platinum—6 times harder, 8 times stronger and able to take temperatures up to 1200° F hotter! Iridium center electrode tip is the world's smallest (only 0.4mm diameter) to produce the hottest, most concentrated spark while requiring the least voltage (5,000 less volts to fire than conventional spark plugs!) For performance or everyday driving, this plug is the one! Because of its patented technology, the iridium power plug outperforms any plug today…including the popular platinum! It fires better and incorporates all the top features below to maximize performance even under the most extreme conditions—you'll enjoy more horsepower, faster, easier starts, less misfires under heavy loads plus better fuel at all times! Iridium is the most corrosion-resistant metal used in plugs today…it can survive the super-high temperatures (up to 4400° F) associated with high-performance ignitions and special fuel systems (turbo, supercharger, nitrous, etc.). MORE HIGH-PERFORMANCE FEATURES THAN ANY OTHER PLUG! PREFIRED. For highest quality! 5-RIB DESIGN. Prevents flashover and decreases voltage loss. INSULATOR. Purified alumina power for exceptional dielectric strength and thermal conductivity at high temperatures. COPPER-GLASS SEAL. Ensures proper heat is maintained and hot combustion gases are excluded. COPPER-CORED CENTER ELECTRODE. For superior thermal conductivity. LASER WELDING. 360° seal helps prevent electrode wear. U-GROOVE GROUND ELECTRODE. Allows spark to develop into a larger, hotter flash front for most complete combustion—bad starts caused by poor fuel mixtures are virtually eliminated. PATENTED IRIDIUM CENTER ELECTRODE. Tapered cut improves firing performance by reducing quenching.

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